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Home of the greatest Roller Coaster Tycoon Ultra-Park scince RCT itself,
                                   The YellowfishProject

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   The Yellowfish Project (YfP) is a six month, RollerCoaster Tycoon Ultra-Park embarkment that is nearing completion, this site will be youre first link to screenshots, ride designs, scenery ideas, and eventually, the grand revealing of YfP! I assure you that YellowFish is merely a code name, the actual park has a much catchier name.
   Now, when you look at the screens, don't think "oh, well that park stinks! just look at how bare it is!" because it's SUPPOSED to be bare, it's a lunar park. As for the medieval area, that's a wildflower field next to the big castle, and the top for the little castle will soon appear in tips & tricks, it's a great idea.
   As yet, YfP is about 75-80% done, w/ more than enough rides to keep peeps happy for ages, bountiful scenery, (two different [outright opposite] but well marked themes) near-perfect staff, in all, opnly a few minor problems to the actual park when compared to other parks of simmilar size (compared to Dragons IOA land.... MAN that park STINKS.... this place is like being tricked into buying the moon only to find the salseman wasn't joking and the moon is pure gold)
   When Released in several months, the downloaded zip-file will include the park in an open (and loaded) form, as well as a closed form, a brochure to help you around the park, a list of guest names to check out (one guys been in there for over 36 hours!) and a park history.
   Current Park status-116+ rides, 4,000ish guests, *3* major themed areas, 16+ coasters, 999 rating, half map useage.(approx) NEW AREA ADDED! Check the screenshots!

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