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So, what's new?

10-19-02...    IT'S DONE!!!!!!!!! YfP is FINISHED!!!!!   WOOOOOT!!!!!!! YEAAAA!!!! I'll recive the new site on sunday, and and will immeadiatly finnish it and update TERMINALLY!! IT! IS! DONE!
10-19-02... WOOT!! RCT2 is OUT!! Whatt's better? I OWN IT!!! WOOT!!! I added a new affiliate tody, the banner is working quite right so I'll just give you the link. it's, great place. Might just do for rct2 what Chocobogo did for RCT... 
10-13-02...  Aright ppl, it's almost here. I'm taking the new YfP-RCT into my hands today, and we'll have a new look by the end of the week (hopefully). I'm at Woodrow's house right now updating, and in a bit, I'll have some nice MMt shots to go with the REALEASE OF YfP THIS WEEK!!!!!!!  Starting now, both me AND Woodrow will be updating, so check at the bottom of an entry for a sig.  
               Hey this is Woodrow, You will be hearing from me a lot more, I designed the new look!  The annoyingly messed up Jump box is gone now, we'll have a better version in the new site, but don't be afraid, there will still be a navigational sidebar for all you old timers!                                 
8-20-02...  Screw it! I'm updating. I moved all the mongolia mountain screns to their own area, and 'other screens' is now empty. It's up to you guys to fix that! SEND ME YOUR SCREENS!!!!! I didn't do much else cause while it may not seem it, I really did a lot of work here today, so......
8-17-02...  Okay, I lied, This is just a liitle thing, but I added the 'Other Screens' section to house a pic of a new park I've made. Woody's almost don't w/ the template, and I'll soon take over to finnish it. Should youi come beck sometime and find a COMPLETELY new look, odds are YfP will be out. Almost... Done....   so.... close.... must.... not.... give.... up.....   GASP! 
7-31-02...  There won't be any big updates 'till woddrow finnishis the new site, because the more I add to this look, the more I will have to transfer to the new look, wich is, by the way, amazing. if you see this, please log onto the forums and bug woody to get the site done ASAP! if you ARE woody, I didn't just write that, and I'm not trying to hire pressure for you to get the page done...
okay so maybey you did and I am but.....  GET IT DONE WOODY! PLEASE!
7-25-02...   Sorry for the nine-day gap, I went to camp. Further apologies for the lack of huge update, i'm still wating on woodrow to turn on powerpoint (e's in charge of teat section) i changed the poll, and messed w/ the forums, and if you know me from camp huston (wink wink) PLEASE sign the guestbook!, Otherwise sign it anyway so i know where these *****500****** hits came from!  WOOHOO!!!! BIG 500!
7-15-02...   Not much new really, just a slight change to the scroller. There won't be any updates for about 9 days after this, but if anything works out, the next one's gonna be HUGE. if anything it'll at least be some screens of that hypercoaster i've been talking about. till then....
7-13-02...  All staff positions are now filled, thank you to anyone who applied, Yfp-RCT's new staff member is Woodrow! Wanna know more? ask him in YfP-RCT's NEW FORUMS!!!! Check out the jump box! go anywhere you want on the page from that sucker! Lemme know if there are any problems!
7-12-02...  YfP now has a NEW HyperCoaster over the large lake you can see in the screenshots! 200' drop and exceptional ratings, you gotta see it! I went back to the lycos SearchBot as the one from wasn't working corectly, beyond that, check back later today as more is thought of.
7-11-02...  YfP is coming along, and i'll soon have screens of a NEW area in the park! YfP-RCT is NOW HIRING! If you would like to help staff in the site, please e-mail me w/ youre site building skills, any HTML experience, and exactly WHAT it is you would like to do, this is a staff position, not a job, don't expect any paychecks. If I like youre stuff, i'll drop you a line, if not, i'll tell you anyway so you won't be left hanging, be sure to put 'YfP Job' in the subject of your e-mail, or it'll be thrown out w/ the spam.
7-3-02...  I apologise for the complete failure to update recently, but there simply isn't anything to update! All new sections of YfP will most likely NOT be released until YfP itself, there aren't really any new sections, (i've been working w/ the staff and vandalisim) and the new sections of the site are too big to be released little at a time, it would be too much hassle. (those sections include the regular RCT sections [RCT, CF/AA, and LL] and the tips sections) please, feel free to contact me, but....
6-29-02...  YfP-RCT now has an HTML Banner Code!! Get it in Affiliates!Added several new screens today,(i enlarged the others) most are of a NEW area of YfP! Be sure to check them out. Also added YfP-TrackPak v1.0 for download in the 'Track Download' section. Just so you know, i'm going to call the 'monthly' poll a July poll (I'm lazy, don't want to change it tomorrow) so that I will be able to get enough votes for it to be effective. I'm still looking for a little minni 'search by Google' thing to replace the lycos one (I hate lycos). Beyond that, not too much new here, but I might get "the idea" later so check back!
   **Park Downloads will be available soon, i won't say to day, but...
   ****If anyone knows how to make thumbnails the link to a larger picture when using the tripod site builder, give me a ring (I want several small thumbnails to become full-screen)
6-28-02...  Added MANY more screens, worked the kinks out of the guestbook, added a poll, a lycos search thing, (if anyone know where i can get a google one, contact me!) added several links (some MAY be temporary), a scrolling welcome message, changed the adds to get rid of tripod banners and pop-unders, and started work on the general RCT section (no links available yet, hasn't been uploaded) Check this out guys, over *****200***** yes **200!!** WOOHOO!! keepem coming guys, and a speacil thanx to anyone who has a link to me! (thumbs up) this page has been updated almost CONSTANTLY so far, so don't be afraid to check back multiple times, you'll likely find something new! and by golly, there's almost a half-decent site here! (cheer)
6-27-02...   well, still got a new site but hey, it's moving right along. Put in a counter, and i'v so-far gotten 27 hits!! WOOHOO thnx ppl. anywho, I finnished the cheats page, Put in a guest book (cheer), and added an affiliates page, now I just need RCT site links. got a banner code? contact me and i'll be happy to put it up, as long as there is a link to here from youre page as well. Put in some tips too, not much, but... c'mon, the site isn't 24 hours old yet! there may be more screens later today, but i need to take some first, i've got all the good ones up already. I could use a logo too, any ideas? contact me w/ youre creation and I'll see about putting in up w/ a bit of a cross-reference to the designer. Ah well, gotta go for now. tell youre friends, and prepare for the release of YfP in a few months!
6-26-02...   Site Opened!! WOOHOO!! YIPEEE!!! HOORAY!!! , not much here yet, come back soon, there are some screens though...